Spain – Flamenco – Japan

A history of cultural twinning at the Cristina Heeren Foundation (Seville)

Throughout its 22 years of existence, the Cristina Heeren Foundation has received numerous young Japanese people who have come to complete their training in flamenco singing, guitar or dancing.

One of them, Carmen Kobayashi, has created ‘Carmen’ which came in second place in the Certamen competition which forms part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of Spanish-Japanese diplomatic relations.

As such, on 3rd May, the Cristina Heeren Foundation is carrying out an event to strengthen these diplomatic ties between the two nations through activities such as flamenco.

In the aforementioned act, Professor Juan Manuel Suárez Japón, head of the Order of the Rising Sun and renowned scholar of flamenco culture, will speak about the links that the Japanese have with flamenco and the impact that this has caused.

The event will end with a flamenco show starring Japanese students who are currently studying at the Sevillian Foundation.

Information provided by Don Juan Manuel Suarez Japón

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