Discover the world of the “Mediterranean Samurai”

In 1617 a group of Japanese Samurai from the KEICHO Embassy, who had been visiting our country for four years, decided to stay and live in Spain, making them the first “Mediterranean Samurai”. This concept and reality have achieved great relevance in the 21st century with the existence of thousands of businesses, projects, and individuals that merge these unique values from the Japanese culture with our strong passion and creativity; giving birth to the new Mediterranean Samurai. 

Discover everything about both worlds in this cultural website designed to disseminate the history, activities, publications, projects and organisations related to the Mediterranean Samurai, and the important efforts carried out to enhance and consolidate the relationship between Spain & Japan which began more than four centuries ago. 

A Message from a Mediterranean Samurai

In the year 1614, the Keicho Embassy lead by the noble Samurai, Hasekura Tsunenaga, and made up of Japanese merchants and 22 Samurai, landed in Coria del Rio (Sevilla). 

This embassy left a profound footprint: a group of these Samurai, who became fascinated by the passion and warmth of the Spanish population, decided to permanently settle down in our country: the first “Mediterranean Samurai”.  

Given all this, in 2018, which coincided with the 150th Anniversary commemorating the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain & Japan, I decided to set up this website with the following objectives:

  • To present and promote the “Mediterranean Samurai” concept: the perfect fusion of Japanese culture and values with the Mediterranean passion and creativity 
  • To publish the history of the Keicho embassy and the news stories, publications, videos, and films dedicated to it 
  • To provide a meeting point for companies, organisations and individuals who are “Mediterranean Samurai” in their professional or personal work, and give recognition to their activities & projects 
  • To encourage and support all kinds of actions aimed at strengthening relations between Japan and Spain

I hope this initiative interests you and that you enjoy and appreciate the content that we will be publishing and updating regularly. Of course, if you or your company are also “Mediterranean Samurai”, we invite you to collaborate with us and participate in this project.

Marcelo Japón

Founder and CEOof
“The Mediterranean Samurai”

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