The first Spanish sake

Kensho Sake began as a small local business composed of two Catalonian engineers, Humbert and Meritxell, who made their passion for the Japanese culture into their professional vocation.

The word ‘Kensho’ is a zen terminology that means ‘to discover nature’, and this is what happened with the use of local rice produce from the Ebro Delta.Taking inspiration from the variety of rice types native to this region, Kensho Sake has developed a premium quality product that has been adapted to local tastes, and contributes to the well-being and respect of local ecology by using produce from the Ebro Delta.

In its production, Kensho Sake follows the artisanal Japanese traditions that Humbert learnt during his time in Japan and California which results in a product that in essence is purely Japanese but with a refined Mediterranean character. Meritxell and Humbert truly are, without a doubt, Mediterranean Samurais.

In October 2016 at the Yacht Club in Barcelona, they collaborated with HJAPÓN’s stand to present their exclusive cocktail, the ‘Mediterranean Samurai’ which was enjoyed by various sportsmen, actors and journalists such as Saul Craviotto, Joel Gonzalez, Thais Enriquez, Julio Salinas, Ana Tarres, Cristina Cubero and Octavi Pujades amongst others. No doubt, everyone fell in love with this Mediterranean Sake.

To learn more about this incredible Mediterranean sake, check out Kensho Sake’s website:

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