Marcelo Japón – Co-Founder of HJAPÓN

Marcelo Japón is behind the innovative concept known as the Mediterranean Samurai which combines these two historic culture
To coincide with the 150th anniversary of the bilateral relations between Spain and Japan, Marcelo Japón has launched a new micro-site on HJAPÓN’s website entitled ‘Mediterranean Samurai’.

Inspired by the fascinating history of the creator’s surname, this concept aims to celebrate the values acquired from this joint history and Mediterranean passion.

An entrepreneur who has made his surname, Japón, his way of life and who has very clear ideas on the exact values he wants to include when running his company. Honor, Respect and Loyalty. These are some of the values promoted by the Bushido code or the Warrior’s Way.

Marcelo Japón actively participates in the promotion of the Japanese culture and is a member of the Hispanic-Japanese Hasekura Association in Coria del Rio, the Musubikai Aikido cultural association in Badalona, and an honorary member of the Wa Rei Ryû Japanese-Catalan School in Barcelona

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